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About Us

Texas Container  welcomes you to our New Website!

Whether you are an existing Customer or a new Customer, we thank you for your patrionage.

Founded in 2003, Texas Container is focused on providing its' customers with "Quality Products at Quality Prices".
But what does that really mean?  It means that we understand that there are three major components of the
relationship that drives consumer loyalty:

  •  Price
  •  Quality
  •  Speed of Delivery

The priority of the above can vary from one consumer to another but all three factor into the "trust" equation
that influences
whether a consumer will "purchase" and remain loyal.


Working with various suppliers, we are committed to negotiating the lowest prices possible and passing those savings along to our customers.


We strive to offer high quality products from trusted suppliers.  We are committed to Environmental Sustainability and are proud that our corrugated products are 100% recyclable.  Lastly, we strongly support the growth of local businesses and "Made in the USA" suppliers.  

Speed of Delivery

Utilizing two Fulfillment Centers located in Dallas, TX. and Elgin, IL, we can quickly service the delivery needs of customers throughout the USA. 

Is there something you cannot find?  Do you have a question or special request?  We are here to help you; so please feel free to email or call us.